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Our History

Bryan Denney

In 1991 Bryan Denney (along with his then business partner) started a medical waste disposal company called Environmental Management Group.

For the next twelve years they successfully competed with both the large national companies and the small “Mom and Pop” medical waste businesses, by focusing on two core principles…Better Service and Lower Prices.

Then in 2003 Bryan received a business opportunity that was just too good to pass up and he left to pursue what he thought would make him happy.

But for years as he traveled around the region on business and pleasure, he ran into countless former customers who complained about their new medical waste disposal companies. They hated the poor service and price gouging and shared stories about how these companies were impossible to work with.

All those heart-felt stories stayed with Bryan, so in 2011 he decided to hit the road again to talk to many of his old customers, as well as some new faces. Although his original idea was to focus exclusively on pharmaceutical waste, everyone he met kept telling him that what they really needed was a new medical waste company.

After one such road trip his wife (a registered nurse) made the comment that it was the first time in years that she’d seen him really happy in his work. It was then that Bryan knew it was time to establish Environmental Waste Systems, a new medical waste disposal company based on the same old principles of Better Service and Lower Prices.